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Hello, humans.

My name is 2-SMRT, I'm a racoon and you guys have put me in a freaking labo and tested with my furry body. 

I mean...

that´s not OK. 

I´ve been through a lot lately.

2-SMRT to die is a mix between a platform and a puzzle videogame in which you’ll have to use your deaths to solve the puzzles and pass the level. You take control of a really cute racoon that, due to the difficulties of scaping a laboratory, will die in horrible and gore ways.


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Impressive game! Fun mechanics, great level design, polished player controller, lovely art! Rate 10/10. Good job raccoons!!!

wooow thanks for your comment! We appreciate it <3


hmmm seems nice but can you add a deadly toy gun in the game?


you have a tactical hook!!! that's even cooler haha ;)

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awesome (: btw I love your game

Thank you <3

ur welcome (:

I cant figure out how  to use a contrulor i cant even get off the start screen can you help me

Hi, you can use any controller connecting it through cable on your PC, or you can use the keyboard too using WASD to move the raccoon, the spacebar to jump and the mouse and left click for the hook.

Hope you can play it and thanks a lot for your interest in our game :)


This game is a blast! The puzzles are very well-thought-out and art is just so cute! Played with keyboard and mouse as well as controller and had no problem at all. 

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Thank you so much for your kind words :D so happy you enjoyed it, we uploaded the latest version today if you wanna check it out too :)


Is there keyboard support? And what are the system requirements? (It looks a bit too fancy for my several-years-old Win7 laptop.)

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Hi! Sorry for the delay, too much work lately. Yes, there´s keyboard support, you can use WASD to move, spacebar to jump and the mouse and left click tu use the hookto play and we think it can work on your laptop, hope so!! Let us know if you can play it :)

Looks cool, but can you add DirectX 9 support?

I can't play most games without it and i can only play games which support my d3d9 or opengl .dll files or have DirectX 9 support because of my GPU

However if there is a 32bit version then I'll play that way instead.

Overall, it looks great and if I were to play this, I would love it!


Thanks for the advice, we'll work on it! :D


I got a new GPU and Now I can use OpenGL, and I can say the game is really Cool!

Neat! Thanks :)


Nice game! ✌✌✌  

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thanks for playing our game and sharing it! hope you enjoyed trying to save our little pretty raccoon! :)



Amazing concept and game! also, howd you kae the custom cursor and paper-like... uhhh... thingy?

Hey, thanks for your kind words :D so happy you liked it :) the custom cursor and thingy are made modifying the CSS of the page, you have to ask for permission to itch.io to do it first and then you can modify it, there are great tutorials on youtube ;)

k. Yeah, good game and page!



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hope that's a good thing XD a new and improved version of the game has been uploaded, if you want, check it out again and let us know what you think :)



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thank you, glad you liked it :) we just uploaded a new and improved version of the game if you wanna check it out and let us know what you think about it ;)